Co-Owner and
Production Manager
Extension 225

A typographer by trade, Fabien Deshaies has owned AUBRY for over 20 years and has actively participated in the development and evolution of the business. An expert in printing technology, Fabien oversees all stages of production from start to finish. Fabien ensures that each of the processes and actions taken in the workshop are efficient and adapted to the needs of the client.

AUBRY team members :
Alain Meilleur – Manager, customer service – ext. 231
Hugo Deshaies – Sale Consultant
Claude Dumont – Graphic Design – ext. 232
Marc Hardy – Production Manager – ext. 233
François Legault – Shipping and Receiving – ext. 229
Codou Sow – Controler – ext. 226
Géraldine Picasso – Account Payable – ext. 221